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Friday 6 East Peoria McDonald's Levee Dist 5pm-8pm
Saturday 7 Peoria 50's Diner ~ Metro Center 5pm-8pm


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May 2019

Cruise Season is officially here! Get the hotrods out and lets get cruising!! Please use your best judgement at cruises during the month of April/May if it's raining we will cancel the cruise and if it's below 50 degrees we will more than likely cancel. I will try to post on here when we cancel if I have enough notice but sometimes I can't always get to my computer to update so please use your best judgement when bringing your cars out!

Our t-shirts are in and they are going quick.

We have a fun year planned and hope to do some road cruises this year for those of you that like to get together for a road cruise we plan to head to springfield and possibly a few others this year if we can fit them in!

Can't wait to see you all soon!

~Chuck & Amanda



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